The Covid-19 global pandemic affected all and everything, but it is time to look ahead. Let's open up for business!

The interactive service provides you with the information you need to start planning your next business trip or vacation, as we all start to open up for business.

    Safeture Open-Source Data.

    This is a test page that will try to find out what a real page should look like and of course what content it should have. It will hopefully be a map with several different layers where you can choose what information you want to see.
    Everything should be easy to understand and maybe even easy to share.
    The work is ongoing and please come back to see how it develops.

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    The world’s leading people risk management platform. Unify communication, information and location in one platform.

    A complete and cloud-based service managing risk, safety and crisis processes involving your people.

    Easy to adapt to each company’s unique needs and fully prepared for future challenges. A platform that is becoming increasingly important when your business grows and has to respond to harder demands from authorities. World-leading technology and innovative thinking.
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