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Today’s knowledge-based economy increases the value of your employees as part of your balance sheet, but it also increases the cost of getting and retaining them. As an employer, it is critical to make sure that your people are safe and feel safe.

Safeture employee safety platform where we help your organization to unify employee communication, information and location is an important part of facilitating your compliance. There is a far reaching responsibility for companies to help your employees wherever they are. Requirements that are believed to increase in the coming years. Something the Covid-19 pandemic has shown. There will be both stricter national and international rules.

Thanks to globalization and digitalization workplaces everywhere see a dramatic increased mobility, whether it is going away for business trip or just working from home. To make sure that employees have the right information before, during and after is important. If something is to occur it could be critical to locate and communicate with your employees and at the same time make sure your organizations different service providers have the right info, it could be a medical assistance provider, a security company or the insurance company. Safeture platform helps you with these challenges.




Questions that you should be able to answer
Do you know where your people are and how to contact them?
Do you have the right risk intelligence to make the proper decisions quickly?
What are the legal requirements when people are working out of the office?

Safeture is dedicated in helping organizations all over the world with their employee safety challenges.


The world’s leading people risk management platform. Unify communication, information and location in one platform.

A complete and cloud-based service managing risk, safety and crisis processes involving your people.

Easy to adapt to each company’s unique needs and fully prepared for future challenges. A platform that is becoming increasingly important when your business grows and has to respond to harder demands from authorities. World-leading technology and innovative thinking.
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