About the open source map

The COVID-19 Restriction map is a global dataset, collated from multiple sources, compiled, and maintained by our own analysts. The information includes details on Area Lockdowns, Quarantine measures, Airline operations and Education closures.

Area Lockdowns are government issued quarantines of areas which could be part of, or the entire country. Quarantine Measures provides the directives, recommendations and other restrictions that are imposed by the local government. Airlines provides information about suspended or resumed operations of airline operators in the country. Education provides information about closures of Pre-school, School, and Higher Education facilities. The content is updated as a minimum daily, additional information and content will be added as data sources are verified.

At Safeture one of our Core values is providing reliable information, to do this Safeture Analysts verify all data sources and content before publishing. With the constant changing landscape there maybe a short delay in updating Information and Content to the Map.

The data for the map is  available through an API. Contact sales@safeture.com to get specifications and more information.

Please note that due to the restrictions are changing fast and the size of the content Safeture cannot verify all the content and thereby cannot guarantee the quality since it might be inaccurate or not up to date.

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Other information sources

Here is a small selection of other public sources that have been selected by our analysts for their high quality and credibility. We are constantly improving our own database and more content will be available over time.